Shelley Grund, Fine Artist

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    Memorial Park, Arboretum & Gardens (Click on photos to enlarge)
    Front Wall - the door to the room is to the right in the picture, the mirror and sinks are to the left. Included on this wall: Great Blue Heron, Showy Lady Slipper, Pickerelweed, Dragonfly, and White Water Lily & Pads.            

The artist painted a mural of a wetlands in the Ladies' Restroom of the Arboretum in Appleton, WI. The mural covers the top half of the wall completely around the room, except where there are mirrors. The subjects include flora and fauna native to Wisconsin.

  Front Wall close-up - Dragonfly, Pickerelweed, White Water Lily          
    Front Wall close-up - Lady Slipper          
        Front Wall close-up - Great Blue Heron        
      Sidewall - behind the door, to the left as you enter the room. An Ospry flies and Marsh Marigolds bloom.          
    Sidewall - farther down the wall past the Ospry.            
    Sidewall close-up - In the bend on the wall is the Arrowhead Plant.            
  Sidewall close-up - A frog sits on a lily pad near a Blue Flag plant.              
    Sidewall close-up - A female Mallard Duck leads some of her babies in the pond.            
  Backwall - two turtles climb on a log. A patch of Cardinal Flowers is seen in the right corner.              
  Sidewall opposite the Mallard - a bed of reeds.              
  Sidewall opposite the frog - Redwing Blackbird.              
  Sidewall opposite the Arrowhead Plant - Kingfisher.              


Artist is accepting commissions.
Please contact the artist at: 864.229.4849
1411 E Durst Ave., Greenwood, SC 29649

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